Yes. Amen. So Be It. - Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on July 20, 2018
Yes. This word represents the word amen, a word that means so be it. It’s a three letter word that we use hundreds of times a day. We speak it when we answer a questions and make decisions. It is a word that could carry very little meaning, for example, answering the question “do you want cream in your coffee?.” Or it could carry a very big and heavy meaning, for example, consenting to allow the doctors to operate on your baby. It’s a small word that can do either so little or so much. There is a time in life when we must answer God using this word, yes. When we must decide to choose to follow him. To choose him daily. To speak “yes” and never be the same, allowing him to change you. But in this moment, we get to witness the heavy meaning behind the word.

This is a life changing moment. When we decide to say yes to God, we can expect to be blessed, because God wants to use us, we can expect to be happier than we ever have been, and we can also expect to see some trials that come up in our life. Now you may be wondering why we can see blessing alongside trials. This is because when we choose God, Satan decides to try to change our mind. He goes to work overtime in order to change our minds. Take the story of Noah (Genesis 6). God spoke to him and told him there was going to be a great flood that would kill everyone and every thing for they were all wicked. He told him to build an ark and save two of every animal and anyone that would go with him. Noah said yes. People stared, laughed, pointed. They didn’t believe Noah. They chose to say “no” and not believe. But through it all, Noah stayed strong in what God had chosen him for, he continued to trust in the Lord above all the other noise that he was hearing. When the day came for the flood, Noah and his family were safe. They lived on the ark and made it to new land after the flood. So you see, he saw trails when building the ark, he had to take criticism and had to understand that others weren’t going to be saved with him and his family, that is a heavy burden. But the blessing was getting to safety and new land with his family. God kept him and blessed him because Noah stayed strong through the trials. Noah had chosen to believe and trust the word that God had given to him.

When we choose God over everything else, he may ask us to do unimaginable things. Huge tasks that we in ourselves don’t feel we could ever accomplish. But God will give us the strength to do it. As it states in 1 Thessalonians 5:24, Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.

If God calls you, he will equip you. God will give us the power and strength to complete the work that He calls us to. All he asks of us is to say yes to his calling. By saying this one small word, we will begin a life that is full of learning, growth, joy, direction, calling, faith, and blessings. God takes our small and meek “yes” and turns it into a huge, unmatched life that we could never imagine ourselves. There is power behind this word when it involves God. This blog is a personal testimony of what God can do if you just say yes. At the beginning of this year, I told God that I would say yes to him, anything he might ask of me to do or try. And though there have been some scary steps that have taken me out of my comfort zone, I have seen blessing upon blessing for myself and my family. I have tried things I never thought I could do and God has proven himself faithful over and over. I am in awe of his goodness every single day.

If you are questioning whether or not God can use you, or whether or not you can do the things God would ask of you, I would answer with an immediate and powerful “yes.” If he can do it for me, he can and will do it for anyone. We are his children. He created us to live in his will and choose him daily, but we must answer yes to his loving call. All it takes is some time in His presence, a little breath in our lungs, and a voice to say the one, small but mighty word, “yes” or in other words, “so be it.”