What Is My Worth? - Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on July 02, 2021

I was thinking the other day about my worth. Thinking about what I give to those around me, what I do, the words I say, my actions, the impression I leave on others. Do they stick? Do they impact? Are they meaningful? What is my worth? I may not be the only one who thinks this from time to time, right? What do we define as worthwhile? What do we consider as an impact to the world? What do we contribute? 


Some may collect things, material things, expensive things, shiny things, and maybe they consider that to give them what they need to feel good in this world. Some may be artists who contribute works of their talents, their artwork and they feel like they are somebody because their art speaks. Some may be musicians and they give to the world through their music and lyrics. Some may be parents who give of themselves daily to raising their children right, to teaching and feeding wisdom into their babies so they can give them the best future they can. We all have things that give us meaning, that we feel is our worth. No matter what you feel your worth is, maybe there are days you feel worthless, low, broken. Maybe there are days you feel wonderful, happy. But our worth is not determined by what we do, what we give, what we in ourselves feel we are worth. We are all worth the same to God; we are worth the blood of Jesus; we are worth giving His life up for us. 


God looks down on us and He doesn’t see some people working hard to “deserve” what he did for us and some people who just don’t care. He sees His children, His people, that He died for. Each and every one of us He loves equally. There is not one God loves more than the other. He died, paid the same death rate for each of us. Therefore, we are all worth the same. John 3:16 says that “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” That verse tells us that God so loved the world, that includes you, and me, and your friends and your family and the strangers you walk alongside every day, that includes everyone on this earth. God wrapped himself in skin, came down to this earth to die for all of us, to pay the same price for each of us. To hang on a cross until death. That is what we are worth. 


Today, I do not know where you are at mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, but I want to remind you today of this message: God gave his life for you. No matter what people may tell you, no matter what you think of yourself, no matter how you may have messed up or succeeded, God gave his life for you. He loved you enough to die for you. That is where your worth lies. 


So, today as you walk around on this earth with your brothers and sisters in Christ and you see some may be “more successful” than you, some may have more money than you, some may have a bigger house than you, more educated than you. Or as you walk around and see that some may have less than you, may be living a different life than you, they may be struggling more than you. Either way, God paid the same price for them as He did for you. Don’t let what this world makes of us tell you that someone is worth more or less than you. Do not compare yourself to someone else. We are all worth the same price. Romans 6:23 says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 


He gives us Roots so we can Fly. Roots and Wings.