Watch And Pray - Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on June 07, 2019
In today’s world, good people can feel like they are the lesser of humanity. That there are more bad people or bad things going on than good people and good things. We have laws being passed right here in Illinois that makes me cringe just reading them. I think to myself “are there really that many people who agree to this? There must be more evil out there than I thought.” But in my time of prayer I came across a passage that reminded me of something important. I read Mark chapter 13 where some of Jesus’ disciples are looking at the buildings in a particular city and they mention to Jesus about the stones they used to build these particular buildings and Jesus says that one day not one of those stones will be left standing. So the disciples ask Jesus “What shall be the signs when all these things are going to happen?” Jesus goes on to explain all the evil that will come to the world. Brother will turn on brother, children against their parents, they will kill and murder one another, wars will happen, tsunamis and famines, etc. At the end of this chapter, Jesus tells his disciples that no one knows the day or the hour God will return for his people. He says that we are to watch and pray. And I thought to myself , “That's it! That’s where the good people are at! In their prayer closets!”

We look around the world and we see such horrible things, we hear terrible stories of murder, children dying for no reason, wars in other places, horrible things. But the good, we have to dig a little deeper to find that stuff. Why is that? It may seem that evil is louder, that it has a bigger voice and therefore the upperhand. But that isn’t reality. Good is at work. We are in small, dark rooms on our knees, crying out loudly for only God to hear. We are fighting unseen forces. We are at war against the evil, not the humans that seem to do the evil, no, we are at war with spirits who control the flesh of humans. You may not see the good as much, but it’s here. It roams the streets with an army, no not just one or two, an army of God’s angels around us protecting, fighting, warring in the spirit. The good is bigger, it is louder, it is victorious. To our human eyes we may not see it as bright, the darkness may seem to be taking over everywhere you look, but if you look closely you can see the glimmer, the glistening of victory. Not everyone will see it. There are those who are too consumed by the darkness to see, but it’s there. It’s burning inside of us.

Watch and Pray. These are the things God asks of us, His chosen people. Watch and pray. He doesn’t tell us to go into the streets and scream loudly at the top of our lungs of His goodness. No, He tells us to go into our prayer closets and go to war. When we emerge out of those prayer closets we are equipped with armor no evil can penetrate. We are equipped with the word and sword that can withstand any and all of satan’s blows. We are equipped with more than that of the enemy. We are louder, stronger, more brave, bigger than that around us. We won’t see it physically, but spiritually we far outnumber the enemy. Don’t try to use the world’s tactics to win. Let them use their energy fighting one another in the streets. The victorious will wake up and fall to our knees in our battle positions. Watch and Pray. Let evil use words to tear each other down. The victorious will use words to lift up the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Watch and Pray. Let evil pass laws. The law is not above God’s control. The victorious will petition the one who can change the law. Watch and Pay. The good is not outnumbered in this world. We are here. We are strong. We will fight the way that will lead us to win. We will be victorious.

He gives us Roots so we can Fly. Roots and Wings.