The Faith Blueprint - Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on August 24, 2018
This topic tends to be one that brings up a lot of conversation when mentioned. For me, I was born into a Catholic family but by the age of 4 my family was going to a pentecostal church. Since the day I was born, I had the talk of faith in God all around me. However, having the people around me believe in someone unseen was not the reason for the faith that I have today. See, I don’t believe that one can believe simply because someone else does. That also is not what is going to get them into heaven. One’s faith in God has to be brought about by their own understanding. Our faith has to be our own, not borrowed from another believer. We all get our faith from different circumstances. Whether it was from a near-death experience or the faith of someone else inspiring a deep and thourough search for it themselves or God showing himself to someone in a dream. Faith can be brought about in someone’s life instantly and then can grow continuously throughout a whole lifetime. There are many different levels of faith and you grow deeper in your faith in God by growing deeper in relationship with him.

If we look to the bible for stories of faith, we can find many examples, wonderful and powerful examples. Peter walking on water (matthew 14:27). Esther’s faith saved all of her people from death (All of the book of Esther). Abraham’s faith is shown when he is willing to kill his only son (Genesis 22). There are also so many beautiful stories of faith seen and heard around the world today. I am sure that if you were to search, you could find many inspiring stories. True faith is not found by seeing someone elses faith hppening. Seeing is believing. I am sure we have all heard that saying. However, with faith, believeing is seeing. See when we put our faith in God, we may not see him working and then have our faith come about. It should be that we choose to believe in Him and then we have the opportunity to truly see him.

Faith means that whatever comes your way in life, whatever circumstances happen, you believe and trust that God will make a way for you. Trust and faith go hand in hand. Without trust, faith wouldn’t be able to work. When we choose to trust in God, then we are allowing our faith to be built upon. Our faith can then grow. When we trust that God will provide an open door for you, or provide a financial miracle, or trust that he will heal you, you are believeing that God will make a way and when you believe and trust, you have faith. If you put your trust in someone and they don’t come through for you, that trust tends to get broken and that leaves no lifeline for faith in that person. However, when you put your trust in God, you will have the only lifeline you will ever need for faith because God will not fail you. God says in Matthew 17:20, “…if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” There is so much power behind faith. For when we have faith in the only God, he fills us up with power through him.

My faith in God grows deeper each time he speaks to me. Each time I hear a word. Each time I’m in his presence. Each time I get into his word. If you’re in search of something to believe in, try God. If you have tried everything else, give God a chance. You will not find anyone or anything more amazing than God’s goodness if you so choose to believe. Don’t try to get faith by following someone else’s blueprint. Make your own. Start with a conversation with God and allow him time. Allow him to grow your faith into somethig beautiful. Once he starts, it will grow more and more throughout your life and He will not let you down. If you have given him a chance before and for whatever reason you didn’t feel Him or see any sign of Him, try again. This time may be different. There is nothing you can lose and everything to gain. A life of faith in God, is a life of joy, hope, trust, love. It isnt about seeing him. Don’t try to compare your experience with someone else’s, because remember they will all be different. Allow God to make it personal. It’s all about feeling him. In your heart. Your soul. Your life.