Humility Above Pride - Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on September 28, 2018
Humility. It is a word that is often pushed to the side today. People love to be seen. To be out in the open and to be heard. To start an argument rather than agree to disagree. People would rather start a fight rather than put their pride to the side and choose to be friends even through their differences. Humility is a word that means putting others before yourself. You do not allow pride to decide whether or not you will be happy. You choose to be better than pride and selfishness. Pride gets you to a place of anger, depression, pent up frustrations, and it will cause you the most unhappiness. Those who choose humility are able to see people in their faults and love them anyways. Or see that someone may have another view on things but will choose to say “that’s okay.” In the end, pride will drag you down. It doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself. Proverbs 16:18 says, Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Guys, pride comes before a major fall. I look around, the media, the radio, the news, right outside in my town and you know what I see a lot of? Falling. People all around are falling because of their own pride. I can drive down a highway and see people nearly causing car accidents because they are too small to put pride aside and allow someone over, or choose to help out their fellow human. Pride is everywhere. Why is that? What is so hard about admitting you don’t know everything, your not always right, and your not perfect? No one is. We need to look to the one who is perfect in all of His ways. Who always put others before himself. Who gave his very life, putting himself to death, in order to save our souls. Mine and yours and everyone out there in the world.

We will never know what tomorrow holds for us. We may wake up with plans of what we want to do but that can all change in an instant and guess what? Your world may be turned upside down. We see people who may live on the streets, we don’t know their story, but we may decide that they chose drugs over life, or that they did this to themselves or that they chose this life and that may be the situation but we don’t know that. Maybe they got laid off from their job, or they lost a loved one and simply couldn’t handle it and they became depressed and had no one to hep them through that and one thing led to another, and they get to where they are, living on the streets. We may wake up tomorrow and that could be us. Sitting on the street with nothing but our story that no one knows and we may be judged. We may be put down because of where we end up. Don’t ever make small of someone’s situation because we don’t know what they have been through. Proverbs 27:1-2 states, Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips. You may be blessed. You may have more than enough money, you may do great things. You may be a person of great value. But don’t go around wearing pride like a big diamond talking about how good your are and all the good things you do. Wear humility. Through your good deeds and your kindness you will have people comment on your light, your good heart. Choose meekness. Allow others to see your goodness for themselves rather than boasting about it all. And don’t talk down to people in a different situation than yourself. Instead, have a giving heart. Give of your talents, give financially if you are able to, give of your love and kindness. Use what God has blessed you with to bless someone else.

The bible says in Luke 14:11, For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humble himself shall be exalted. There is no need for us to try and lift ourselves up higher than we deserve. In God’s timing, He will lift us up. God knows more than ourselves what it is we deserve. Stay humble and keep doing what the word says and one day we will see those pearly gates in heaven and we will be sitting beside the One who deserves all glory and honor and praise. Don’t waste your time and breathe building yourself up so everyone will look in your direction when we were created to help everyone to look in HIS direction. When we are weak and others all around us seem to be strong and more than us, remember that our power and strength comes from above. When we are weak, He will make us strong. Don’t depend on others to do the job of the Lord. And don’t be jealous or angry when others seem to be getting praise that they don’t deserve for it is not up to us to be the judge. Worry about yourself alone and try to be an example for others to take after. That is our one and only job. Be who God created us to be; be humble.

​He gives us Roots so we can Fly. Roots and Wings.