Freedom Isn't Free - Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on May 24, 2019
With Memorial day right around the corner, I wanted to write a blog to help us to remember why we celebrate this day. Over the years, there have been men and women who have been brave. They have given of their time and lives in order to serve their country. They have given so much. Memorial Day is a holiday that we celebrate those who have fought in war for America and who have lost their lives in those wars. Fighting for freedom. Dying for that freedom. Some of these were still children themselves. Mothers and fathers lost their sons and daughters. Brothers and sisters lost their siblings. To fight for freedom. To die for freedom. We remember them all and celebrate them for their bravery and their love for their country and the people in it.

I write this in hopes that we will see how important freedom is. Those we celebrate on this holiday went to war against those trying to take our freedom away from us. They fought and gave up their lives so that freedom would be the ultimate outcome. I want us to think about freedom for a minute and how blessed we are to have it. Here in America, we are different from other countries. We have rights that allow us to be who we are individually. To love, to pray, to act, to say, to do freely. Not all countries can say that. Some dictate what you say, where you can go, how many children you can have, who you can pray to, when or if you can go to church. We don’t worry about those things. But there are some out there, brothers and sisters, who do have to worry about it. Freedom is a gift, a privilege and I think it can be easy to forget this sometimes. We live our lives the way we wish to live them. But let us never forget who gave us the freedom to live life first. God gave His life for us to live and be forgiven. He goes to war daily on behalf of us and our souls. He fights for our freedom. We may not see the war happening all around us, it is spiritual, but it’s happening.

Freedom is a gift. He had to give of his life for the lives we live daily. Today, three days before the Memorial day holiday, I am thankful and grateful for those men and women who chose to give of their lives in order to fight for freedom and today I praise God for loving us enough to give of His life so that we may live. Freedom isn’t free. Someone gives so that we can receive.

Let us never forget this. Be thankful, be grateful, and live your best life with and through God so that God may get glory for all He does and will do.

He gives us Roots so we can Fly. Roots and Wings.