A World In Need -Lindsay Schmidt

Posted on March 13, 2020
Philipians 3:20 - "But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly awaiting for him to return as our Savior."

Imagine with me for a moment that there are two worlds separated by vast differences. One world, lets call it the saved world, is full of people who have been filled with the Holy Ghost and have been baptized. They live with Godś spirit within them, they see his great works, miracles, they feel his presence, they have conversations with him. Their world isnt perfect, however, when adversity comes their way, they have faith, place it in Gods hands, and overcome it. The other world, lets call it the unsaved world, is full of people who dont know God, or they reject him and his teachings. These people face hardships but have no hope, they do not witness miracles but rely solely on what man can do. They are missing something in their lives, so they go searching, but they cannot find what it is they need to fill the void in their lives.

The saved world, have the answer, the cure, the remedy to life. The unsaved, have nothing but what man gives them. The saved, when hit with something hard or tough, go to a higher power to get an answer. The unsaved, seeks answers from flesh, their fellow human. The saved have armies of angels around them, following them, protecting them. The unsaved have guns and knives. The saved are filled with people of like-faith. The unsaved are full of people who all believe something different...this causes arguments, disagreements, fights, wars. The unsaved have nothing to protect them or stand upon when the enemy begins to attack. They begin to kill, to turn on their fellow brother and sister. Their world is in turmoil. The saved have God. A god of love, protection, provision. A God of higher power, not power like we find in man, but a spiritual power. And in them, dwells that same power. If you had the choice, which world would you choose? It wouldnt be too long, I imagine, before things in the unsaved world turn ugly. But in the saved world, there is wisdom among the people, faith, peace, joy and most importantly, love.

In separation, these two worlds would know nothing of the other. The saved would live among one another, grow and prosper, loving one another. The unsaved however, would fall and fail and tear each other apart and I believe that before long, the enemy would attack to the point of destruction of the whole world itself. Now, imagine the two worlds living together. Love and sadness living together. Pain and healing. Living and dying. This is our world. We who are saved live among those who need God, who do not know him. We live among those who reject him. We live among the hurting, the dying, the killers, the haters. We who have the answer, live with those who need the answer. So to you, reader, I ask this question, if you had the answer, would you withhold it or share it?

Withholding will only kill your fellow brother and sister because before too long the enemy will get to them and they will lose heart, lose all faith, and be alone. But sharing the answer, aka God, we can save them. We can show them there is more than flesh and blood on this earth. There is faith and hope and a spiritual world that takes us above the hate, the killing, the hard and places us among the hopeful, the faithful. When we have God living inside of us, we begin a life in the spiritual realm. We dont see it, yes, we are still flesh and live and breathe and go about our lives but there is a shift in the spiritual realm and we begin this life that is bigger than ourselves with God leading and protecting us. We start this beautiful life that has God in our everyday. An army of angels wraps around us to protect us from the attacks of the enemy. We talk with God, feel him, breathe him in. So, I will ask you again, if you had that, the answer, would you share it?

It is up to us. It is the one thing God placed us on this earth to do, share the gospel. Ephesians 2:10 says that "We are Gods handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Good works. We are to spread the word around the world to all people that Christ loves them, He died for them, He is waiting for them to believe. That is our job, our duty, our charge from God himself. We live together for a reason. In one world. We are to be the light that outshines the darkness. We are to be the proof that God protects, heals, delivers. So share your testimonies, share your stories. Thank God for those who are unsaved, people who we can witness to. Leave this earth knowing that you talked to as many people as you could about Gods greatness. Dont leave this earth without souls coming with you. Every soul matters. Every soul is going to end up somewhere. Let there be souls that cross into the pearly gates of heaven because you decided to talk one day with them about a God who changed and saved your life. Dont shut out the darkness in the world, invite it over for dinner and shine your light into it. Trust me, the light will always outshine the darkness. Be brave, be bold, and speak Gods word and pray for the lost to listen.

​He gave us Roots so we can Fly. Roots and Wings.