Children's Ministry

The Christian Education department (ages 3 – 11) serves to help our children grow into lifelong disciples by teaching them the Word of God, having fun and leading by example.

180 Student

180 Student Ministries (ages 12 to 18) is a place where students can be inspired by opportunity and changed by God.


Hyphen ministry seeks to connect 18-to-30 year olds - To Service…With Purpose…Through Resources…For a Mission!


Men’s Ministry reaches to the men of our church to help them become men of God through ministry events, fellowship, mentoring, and giving them opportunities to serve.


Women’s Ministry leads our women into a closer relationship with God by special service events, fellowship, and ministry opportunities.



Married's Ministry seeks to bring married couples closer to God and each other, by providing support, fellowship, sharing biblical principles and resources to enrich every marriage.


Single's ministry exists to give single adults the resources and encouragement they need to develop a strong relationship with God and each other. Our desire is to help bring unity, support, and community to our singles by sharing our daily living experiences and Godly, biblical principles with each other.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate recovery is a safe place where people can find healing for their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Here, we use 12 steps and eight principles, along with other tools that empower us to be overcomers for the kingdom of God. This is a place where people who stuggle with addiction can connect with people who have been delivered by the power of God. There are men and women's split groups, along with Celebration Place. Celebration Place is a resource for children, ages 5-10 years old, which compliments Celebrate Recovery.